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Liberal Democrat Strategy to Combat youth Crime!

by simongalton on 7 August, 2008

Following an announcement on Radio 4 – the Liberal Democrats are unveiling a new crime strategy that aims to break the ‘cycle of crime’ that is slowly destroying a generation of young people.

The policy identifies the need for ‘restorative justice’ that includes a fair punishment for the crime but with┬áthe overall need to prevent re-offending. It includes the use of Community Panels that will allow those Children and Young People who commit crimes to apologies and encourage the community to decide upon the best way forward.

Home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne MP stated: “The old parties are falling over each other trying to be tough on crime, but nothing is being done do stop young people getting sucked in to a cycle of crime”.

Leicestershire County Council group welcomes this update on an already well respected policy to combat crime and feels that it puts the power and responsibility into the community to look at ways of dealing with youth crime early and effectively.

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