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Leicestershire Lib Dems welcome party conference opposition to Eco-Towns

by simongalton on 15 September, 2008

Liberal Democrat group leader Simon Galton has welcomed the passing of a motion at the Liberal Democrat conference in Bournemouth which commits the party to opposing the Eco-Town process. 

Simon Galton CC stated: “it was a good debate I am delighted that the party has committed itself in opposition to free standing eco-towns being imposed by government. I am pleased that the debate reinforced the fact that it is the Liberal Democrats that are the only party that consider sustainable development through local democratically accountable planning as the best way to create the homes. As a country we should do more to improve the existing housing stock and bring empty homes back into use for those without homes and those struggling to get on the housing ladder.  

Moreover the motion demonstrates how the Liberal Democrats oppose the crazy situation where a planning application rejected because it doesn’t meet the criteria of a local development framework or spatial strategy is simply allowed to apply to government to get a second chance. I offer my thanks to Cllr Sebastian Kindersley and Liberal Democrats in South Cambridgeshire for presenting this motion and setting our party as the only one that truly has the best interests of local communities at heart.”

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