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Liberal Democrat motion recieves all party support

by simongalton on 25 September, 2008

At the full council yesterday a Liberal Democrat motion on the sustainable communities act was successfully agreed with all party support.

Dr Sarah Hill, who proposed the motion, stated: ‘I am pleased that this motion was successful and i am grateful to all parties for the support and positive comments made. This motion shows our commitment to giving power back to people in a genuine way utilising government acts like this to make the maximum progress.’  

Dr Hill also explained the act: ‘The provisions of the Act allow local people, community groups and councils to work together to develop local solutions to local problems. For the first time, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) will be duty bound by law,  to take account of local views: be they organised pressure groups, local political parties, business or individuals. The DCLG must also take account the viewpoint of the national body which represents councils across the country, the Local Government Association (LGA).  This is a major departure from the current system which merely places a duty on ‘consultation’ rather than proper recognition of what ordinary people want.’

The motion  asked the council to firstly ‘opt in’ to act and secondly requested establishment of a five member Scrutiny Panel to investigate the provisions of the SCA and the implications that it will have for LCC, including better ways of working with the District Councils, voluntary groups and with individual members of the local community.

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