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Lib Dem’s respond to funding annoucement for Waste Facility

by simongalton on 2 October, 2008

Following the County Council’s press release announcing the allocation of £86 Million in PFI credits from government, the Liberal Democrat group Environment spokesman Bill Boulter has highlighted his ‘doubts and concerns’.  

He said: “we recognize that the allocation of funds is greater than was requested by the county council and I have concerns as to what this extra is for – especially as no technology has supposedly been selected it seems like a large allocation of extra money. I am particularly concerned as to whether this will result in an increased cost to the County council as I believed that the PFI would contribute a maximum of 50% of the costs – thus the administration needs to clarify whether the project has now increased from £130 Million to £168 Million without so much as a brick being laid?  

In my mind if the costs to establish a waste treatment facility are increasing there is a potential double impact to the people of Leicestershire – firstly in council tax increases to repay the loan for construction and secondly in paying the successful contractor for the waste to be treated.  

Let us not kid ourselves, Private companies need to make a profit and I remain concerned whether in the current economic climate these costs can be kept down and not passed on to hard working families.’

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