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Local Lib Dem welcomes new housing minister as a ‘real chance’

by simongalton on 3 October, 2008

Liberal Democrat group leader Simon Galton has reacted to the announcement that Ms. Caroline Flint has been replaced in Gordon Brown’s Cabinet reshuffle with Margaret Beckett. Margaret Beckett who represents the Derby South constituency was a former holder of the Housing Minister position.

Simon Galton said: “I am relieved that Ms. Flint has been replaced as Housing Minister, this is a real chance to review some of her decisions and arguments and to take a fresh view of the entire Eco-town process.  I have always felt that strongly that Ms. Flint has consistently ignored the views and concerns of local communities, local councils and local elected representatives. I also believe that her refusal to acknowledge the critical views of key professional bodies such as the Local Government Association’s legal opinion undermined her credibility and her role.

The appointment of Margaret Beckett provides a wonderful opportunity to take stock of the whole eco town process –this is especially true considering that we are about to enter a crucial second stage of the eco-town consultation with a controversial Planning Policy Statement – I believe that local people need to be reassured that the new minister will listen to them and take appropriate action.”

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