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Birstall Park & Ride under threat?

by simongalton on 6 November, 2008

Councillor Roger Wilson (Birstall) has just issued the following press release expressing his concner about the impacts of the credit crisis on the County Council’s capital investment programme. I think he raises a good point or two:

He Said: “I am concerned that the County Council’s capital programme is in a precarious state. People may not realize it but the capital program is essential as it provides the dedicated money to support construction. There is already concern being expressed that the Birstall Park & Ride is in trouble – I would guess because the developer has been unable to accumulate the necessary finance to meet planning requirements. The park & ride is something that I have supported, as I feel it will help limit the traffic through Birstall and this could alleviate congestion and improve the air quality. I hope that this situation can be resolved.   

But more widely if an established project like this is in danger, I am troubled about the possibility of other capital projects being delayed or stopped altogether. Although I accept that the delay could be due to the developers themselves I feel we need to clarify the impact of the current credit crisis on the capital program and I will be writing to the Director of Finance at County Hall for clarification.

Of further concern is that the county council will be unable to assist current projects being undertaken that could be suitable for investment as they benefit the local community. I fear that the Palmer Tomkinson Centre, in Birstall could miss out on valuable support from the county council if they have to focus priorities on a shortfall or lack of resources in other areas.”

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