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County Group supports opposition to Garendon Park development

by simongalton on 14 November, 2008

The Liberal Democrat Group at county hall has come out in support of the County Council’s plans to challenge the Local Development Framework currently going through consultation by Charnwood Borough Council.

The Liberal Democrat group has been conducting its own research into housing with the recent turmoil in the housing markets and has enlisted the support of Loughborough Councillor David Walker to provide detailed information from a local view point.  

Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader and Environment Spokesman Bill Boulter stated: “What is clear is that the Charnwood Borough Local Development Framework is missing an ideal opportunity to make the best out of a bad situation. It is bad enough that local authorities are forced to build housing, but it should be used as an opportunity to seek out funding for major projects to improve the quality of life for local people. If the LDF looks to develop to the East of Loughborough we stand a much better chance of getting the money to build a relief road which will alleviate congestion in Loughborough and improve the quality of life for everyone.  

The proposals to develop around Garendon need to be reconsidered as there are major issues that will be difficult to solve such as the potential massive increase in cars using the A512 to access the M1, the loss of a wonderful green space and the fear that the development could actual increase the possible local flooding due to run off. I believe that the County Council as the Transport authority is right to look for development that will improve infrastructure and this combined with the issues David Walker has highlighted to me makes a very strong case.” 

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