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Railway Operators turn to Highway Robbery

by simongalton on 21 November, 2008

I have just learnt that the train fairs are going to go up by a massive increase (see below) your local Liberal Democrats will campaign hard on this issue as we believe that a better rail way system is needed but shouldn’t be limited to the rich. We believe that the government should ensure that people are able to get to work, thus allowing recovery from the recession. These increases hurt people who leave the car at home, they should be punished for doing the right thing for the environment and lower our countries dependance on Oil.

The Association of Train Operating Companies announced on 21st November that regulated fares would increase by 6% from January 2009. The Liberal Democrats have demanded the increases be abandoned and rail fares frozen.

The increase in regulated fares, season tickets and saver tickets, takes place under a government regulation allowing rises up to inflation+1% (one per cent above the retail price index) and up to Inflation+3% on Southeastern and some Northern Rail trains. Unregulated fares will rise by a greater amount.  Individual train company fare increases are: 

COMPANY                            REGULATED                        UNREGULATED 

Cross Country                             6%                                                11% 

East Midlands Trains                6%                                                  7.%

Virgin Trains                               6%                                                  7%  

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