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Statement on Eco-towns announcement

by simongalton on 27 July, 2009

Dear all, Having spent a while reading through the documents and statements following the Governments announcement on eco-towns two weeks ago – I thought I would do an update on the actual situation.  

First things first, I think we should all be pleased with the fact that Pennbury didn’t make the primary list of eco-towns to be built. This must be in no small part to the tremendous effort of all campaigners and those of us who responded to every consultation and public meeting.   A further victory can be found in the fact that Pennbury didn’t make the reserve list. In fact, Pennbury is on a list that can only be described as ‘neither here nor there’, which is unfortunately part of its danger. Having conducted some research I am afraid to say that the announcement has not removed the danger of Pennbury, but has increased the likelihood that the Co-op may well withdraw it. 

The Planning Policy Statement: Eco-towns that contains the assorted lists, allows for future eco-towns to be applied for directly through the planning system, as well as being considered in the various regional planning documents local government produce. Therefore it is still technically possible for Pennbury to continue – either in its current location or moved elsewhere in the county in the future.   Now, I don’t wish to be blamed as a prophet of doom, everyone has achieved a lot by preventing Pennbury being on the list, but I do believe we may need to face up to the reality that this town could easily rear its ugly head again in the future, the question is if so when?  Simon

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