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Regional Assembly requests delay to further housing targets!!

by simongalton on 3 November, 2009

Sorry it has been so long since my last post – i am currently looking into a new website for the county group!

I sent this press release out last week on housing – let me know what you think!!!

Liberal Democrat’s response to Regional assembly on Housing 

Liberal Democrats have welcomed the decision of the East Midlands Regional Assembly to formally requested Ministers to delay the review of the regional plan that could include increased housing targets. 

Cllr Simon Galton said: “Having attended the meeting I was impressed at how the planning board accepted a lot of the comments and concerns raised by the various submissions to the recent consultation. These concerns are similar to the ones we included in our response which calls for the regional plan review to be delayed and abandon future increases to the targets.  

Local councils are already struggling to find the land to allocate for 97,000 Homes under the agreed plan and the task isn’t going to get any easier. A review now would simply increase the targets without improving the means to achieve them. The Leicester Mercury reported weeks ago about the potential for another increase in targets and these are linked to figures which would have to be included in any review. It is simple, we must build houses but these targets are making the task harder because they keep going up!  

As a group we have continuously raised this issue and have campaigned for sensible locally driven approaches to housing and this could be such an opportunity.”

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