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UPDATE: Lib Dem letter to Cabinet on King Edward VII

by simongalton on 17 December, 2009

Hi, i am also posting a copy of the letter that Don Wright Lib dem spokesman for Children and Young People, sent to the Cabinet at its meeting on Tuesday. This issue plus the care homes is definately going to make the Budget season (in January) alot more important.

Revised submission to Cabinet re. Melton Schools reorganisation 15 / 12 / 09

The Liberal Democrat Group makes the following submission to the Cabinet with regard to the proposed closure of King Edward VV School, Melton and asks that it be considered:

1.    A three-school plan for secondary school reorganisation in Melton was adopted by the Administration two years ago and came into full operation in September 2009. This occurred despite much uncertainty and doubt about whether forecasted pupil numbers could justify such a scheme.  2.    The phasing of new school building on the John Ferneley site and the major extensions and improvements on the Long Field site, in contrast to no refurbishment on the King Edward site, made a considerable impact on parental choice. Understandably many parents were drawn to the excellent new facilities being provided at John Ferneley and Long Field and these attractions have overshadowed the fact that King Edward VII, without the advantage of extra building, has made major and rapid improvement in performance under its new and strong leadership.

3.    In view of unbalanced pupil numbers the Administration is proposing closure of King Edward VII just 12 weeks after the start of the plan – a proposal that has led to massive public protest. Melton parents have seen how the process has become unfairly distorted and understand fully the unique value of King Edward VII to the town and its huge contribution over a hundred years and now to the education of its children. They demand a fairer deal for this school.

4.    King Edward VII can make a strong case for its retention at KS4 Level as detailed in the information published by its parent support group. King Edward VII has by far the strongest case for leadership and involvement in teaching and learning at the new Post-16 Centre. Putting the needs of learners first is, of course, a key principle but effective learning can only be achieved through using and employing the best and most experienced teachers at the appropriate levels and King Edward VII has them in abundance.

5.    Under the pressure of recent events the Melton Partnership has begun to weaken and schools have openly declared that they see a two-school solution as the way forward. This Darwinian struggle for survival and supremacy is severely damaging the good intentions of the original partnership and is no basis for sound decision-making.

6.    Accordingly the Liberal Democrat Group calls on the Administration to delay any decision on this matter to allow a further period of discussion and negotiation and to enable a satisfactory conclusion to be reached, under which all three Melton secondary schools continue to have a role to play in this reorganisation.

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