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Care Homes Press release

by simongalton on 12 January, 2010

Hi all,


my Liberal Democrat Spokesman, Cllr Alan Bailey, has recently written to the Cabinet expressing his concern at the proposals of the Conservatives to once again try and sell the Care Homes.

Cllr Alan Bailey says:-

The Conservatives have got themselves in a complete mess over the remaining County Council-run care homes.   “It is a high risk strategy to offer TEN care homes for transfer when it has recently proved impossible to transfer ‘only’ SIX homes. Since March, 2007, this will be the third attempt to close or transfer some, or most, of the remaining in-house care homes. The previous two failed, the most recent in June, 2009, because of the economic climate. “But the economic climate is no better now that it was six months ago.  

“I am concerned that having gone through almost three years of uncertainty our elderly care homes residents are once again having the future of their homes put in doubt. Playing high risk strategies with the homes of elderly people is wrong, especially when the stated aim of the process is to make savings.”

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