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Outcomes of Planning Committee Meeting

by simongalton on 9 March, 2011

Many local residents will be pleased to hear that all four planning applications were turned down at the Planning Committee meeting on Tuesday evening, including the Davidson application which had been recommended for approval by the Planning Officers.  Having considered all the information presented, my colleague Cllr Amanda Burrell and I argued that as this site was also in the “Separation Area” the Council should apply local plan policies consistently and fairly and that meant when the Pulford Drive application had been refused, the Planning Committee should reach the same conclusions on the Davidson application. The majority of councillors on the Committee supported our approach hence the application was refused. The other three applications were refused as per the Officers’ recommendations. 
I will post a more detailed report of the meeting in the next few days but in the meantime, I would like to thank all the residents who attended the meeting yesterday which went on nearly 4 hours until 9.45pm and everyone who has contacted us on these applications to let us know their views and concerns

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