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On 24th Nov Leicestershire County council’s Cabinet considered it formal response to the draft Harborough Local Plan. Below is the submission I made setting out the concerns about the traffic impacts of the proposed SDA at Scraptoft. The proposed Strategic Development Area at Scraptoft relies heavily on improving and upgrading Keyham Lane West to serve […]

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Further to the large number of emails and letters received in recent weeks about the decision by Arriva to withdraw the 56 bus from this Saturday this update sets out the latest situation. In response to the announcement by Arriva a petition signed by over 700 local residents was sent to the County Council and […]

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Public Meeting to Save the 56 Bus Route

by simongalton on 23 March, 2017

A few weeks back I broke the news that Arriva were planning to end the 56 bus service and that Station Road would no longer get a service. The response has been incredible. A petition has been signed by over 500 people and is being presented to Leicestershire County Council. A public meeting is taking […]

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In response to the news that Arriva is to withdraw the 56 bus serving Scraptoft and Thurnby, I have issued the following press statement:   Local community shocked at decision by Arriva to withdraw their bus service Local Residents in Thurnby and Scraptoft have expressed surprise and shock at the decision by Arriva to withdraw […]

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Tories Forced to make U-turn on Bus Subsidies

by simongalton on 27 February, 2017

At Wednesday’s budget meeting, the Tories made a last minute change to the budget, deleting the lines that would cut £1.3m from bus subsidies. In response I sent out the press release below: Tories Forced to make U-turn on Bus Subsidies The Tory group on Leicestershire County Council made a surprise announcement at yesterday’s budget […]

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747 Bus gets a Temporary Reprieve

by simongalton on 16 December, 2016

Further to concerns about the planned withdrawal of the 747 bus service, I am pleased to report that the County Council has agreed to step in and provide emergency funding to keep the service going for the next 12 months. This is in the form of a one off intervention payment of £60,000 to Centrebus […]

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At the last meeting of the Cabinet there was a report on the new School Place Planning strategy which should have been uncontroversial. Unfortunately the recommendations also included a late addition of a new key priority aimed at removing primary schools which take pupils aged 4 – 10 years old. This would have significant consequences […]

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Update on Home to School Transport Policy

by simongalton on 9 May, 2014

I am writing to provide an update on the situation on home to school transport policy as there have been significant developments since my last post on it. When the Cabinet first announced the consultation on changes to school transport, the proposal was simply to the ‘nearest school’ with an available place. This would have […]

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Pushing for an Alternative School Transport Policy

by simongalton on 12 March, 2014

When the Conservatives announced their intentions last November to pursue a new Home to School Transport policy based on ‘nearest school only’, Simon Galton, leader of the Liberal Democrat group, left comments exposing the flaws with such an approach. Finding the Tory approach completely unacceptable, the Liberal Democrats have used the time to work up […]

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