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Care Homes Press release

by simongalton on 12 January, 2010

Hi all,   my Liberal Democrat Spokesman, Cllr Alan Bailey, has recently written to the Cabinet expressing his concern at the proposals of the Conservatives to once again try and sell the Care Homes. Cllr Alan Bailey says:- “The Conservatives have got themselves in a complete mess over the remaining County Council-run care homes.   “It […]

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I have decided to post a copy of what my fellow County Councillor Alan Bailey sent to Cabinet yesterday. The ongoing problems that the Conservatives are experiecneing in trying to sell these care homes is starting to look silly. SUPPORTED ACCOMMODATION FOR OLDER PEOPLE IN LEICESTERSHIRE  I note that at their meeting on Tuesday15th December, […]

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The privatisation of the employment service and social fund:   The Liberal Democrats are not opposed to contracting out employment services per se, but examples from abroad suggest that private companies tend to cream the easier-to-help clients off the top and ‘park’ the most challenging cases, so that the people most in need of support do […]

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Local Lib Dems support ICE campaign

by simongalton on 19 February, 2009

The ICE (In Case of Emergency) initiative highlights an easy way to identify crucial contact numbers in emergency situations – which can actually save lives.We all carry our mobiles with names and numbers stored in its memory. If we were involved in an accident or taken seriously ill, how would emergency services staff know which […]

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Shelthorpe Care Home to Close

by simongalton on 28 August, 2008

The liberal democrat group has become aware of the closure of a private sector care home  in Loughborough. Shelthorpe house was sold by the County council in 2004 and is due to close because the operator, Rushcliffe care, claims it cannot afford the refurbishment costs. With the County Council currently selling 6 other care homes […]

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