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  Like many parents I only became aware recently that Gartree, Manor and Beauchamp are consulting on changing their age range and have concerns over the potential consequences. Having read the information on the school’s websites I believe the issues and concerns can be summarised as follows: The effect of these proposals mean that the […]

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At the last meeting of the Cabinet there was a report on the new School Place Planning strategy which should have been uncontroversial. Unfortunately the recommendations also included a late addition of a new key priority aimed at removing primary schools which take pupils aged 4 – 10 years old. This would have significant consequences […]

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Update on Home to School Transport Policy

by simongalton on 9 May, 2014

I am writing to provide an update on the situation on home to school transport policy as there have been significant developments since my last post on it. When the Cabinet first announced the consultation on changes to school transport, the proposal was simply to the ‘nearest school’ with an available place. This would have […]

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Pushing for an Alternative School Transport Policy

by simongalton on 12 March, 2014

When the Conservatives announced their intentions last November to pursue a new Home to School Transport policy based on ‘nearest school only’, Simon Galton, leader of the Liberal Democrat group, left comments exposing the flaws with such an approach. Finding the Tory approach completely unacceptable, the Liberal Democrats have used the time to work up […]

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Strong concern has been expressed about a change of policy affecting 10 year olds travelling on double deck school buses in the County.  At last week’s Cabinet, Lib Dem Group Leader Cllr  Simon Galton, whose division will be affected by the changes, questioned why the cabinet felt it acceptable to treat 10 year old pupils, who happen […]

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UPDATE: Lib Dem letter to Cabinet on King Edward VII

by simongalton on 17 December, 2009

Hi, i am also posting a copy of the letter that Don Wright Lib dem spokesman for Children and Young People, sent to the Cabinet at its meeting on Tuesday. This issue plus the care homes is definately going to make the Budget season (in January) alot more important. Revised submission to Cabinet re. Melton […]

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Following on from recent events in Melton, the County Lib Dems have produced an amendment for next Wednesday Full Council. My colleague Cllr Don Wright is leading on this and the press release shows what we are trying to acheive:  “Cllr Don Wright, Lib Dem Spokesman on CYPS, said: “our amendment proposes a way forward. […]

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Liberal Democrat Councillor Don Wright has commented on the County Council’s Cabinet decision regarding King EdwardVII School.  He said: “The level of protest from the people of Melton, Opposition councillors and other interested parties was so high that the Conservatives have been forced into playing for time. Even the local Conservative councillor spoke in support […]

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Hi all, please see my latest press release on a proposal by the conservatives to close King Edward School in Melton. “Liberal Democrats on the County Council have voiced their concerns at yet another consultation that could see one of Leicestershire’s schools closed. Leader of the Opposition Simon Galton (Lib Dem) said: “it has been […]

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