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Liberal Democrats Win in Oadby & Wigston By-election

by simongalton on 7 August, 2008

Following a fierce campaign the local Liberal Democrats won a decisive victory in the Upland by-election.

County Council group chairman and local County Councillor Mike Griffiths stated: Recently we have seen lots in the national and local press about how the Conservatives are surging ahead and the Labour party is in decline. The result in Oadby shows that with all of this going on – Local liberal democrats continue to work tirelessly to improve local service and represent local communities better. Even though the Conservatives brought support in from outside Oadby – the result clearly shows the great work done by the Liberal Democrats in Oadby and further highlights our capacity to be the future opposition in the County next year.’


Oadby Uplands Ward By Election – 31 July 2008

Anne Rosemary BOND (Conservative Party) 625 votes

Samia Zaffar HAQ (Liberal Democrats) 774 votes

Turn out was 40.3 percent.

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