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Liberal Democrat’s annoyed by Conservative double turn on Local Highway forum

by simongalton on 24 September, 2009

A press release from my colleagues in Oadby & Wigston:  

Liberal Democrats have reacted angrily about the decision to impose a member of the Conservative group from North West Leicestershire on the Oadby & Wigston Highway Forum. 

Michael Charlesworth one of the Oadby County Councillors said: “I find this all very frustrating, the people of Oadby & Wigston voted overwhelmingly for the Liberal Democrats in the recent County Elections and now it seems that they are being punished by having an outsider imposed on them to run their local highways forum. I know this may seem like a trivial matter but it contains some principle – Highway Forums are non-political but provide a good connection with local communities – how can a Councillor from North West hope to be able to chair the Forum in Oadby & Wigston?  

Bill Boulter, County Councillor for South Wigston said: “I think it is just crazy that the Conservatives can’t even respect the wishes of local people – regardless of the chairperson’s credentials they are an outsider imposed on us. Liberal Democrats represent Oadby & Wigston and I hope residents will recognise this for what it is – obsessive control by the Conservative County Council. I would encourage residents to write to the Leader of the Council to express their views on this, and raise them at the first Highways Forum next Tuesday.

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