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Changes to Planning rules announced

by simongalton on 24 April, 2012

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) sets out the

Government’s planning polices for England and reduces more

than 1000 pages of guidance and requirements on Councils to

just over 50 pages. This key document is now a “material

consideration” when dealing with planning applications and preparing

local plans.

Since the draft NPPF was published in July last year, Cllr Simon

Galton and the local Lib Dems on Leicestershire County Council have

campaigned against some of the proposals contained in the draft.

Serious concerns were also raised by groups such as the National

Trust and CPRE. Liberal Democrats have been clear throughout that

growth and development must not come at the expense of protecting

the environment. We have campaigned against a building-free-for-all

across the countryside and for ‘Brownfield’ land to be used first. Key

changes from the original version include:-

  • The provocative “default answer is ‘yes’ to development” has gone
  • The definition of sustainable development has been improved
  • Brownfield first is now clearly set out in the document
  • Confirmation that up-to-date local plans take precedence.
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