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Tilton and Skeffington win funding for village projects

by simongalton on 24 April, 2012

Simon Galton has given strong support to SHIRE grant applications in

Tilton and Skeffington. Both applications have recently been approved by

the County Council, helping projects put forward by local communities to

go ahead.

A project group set up in Tilton to build a new children’s play area has

worked hard over the past two years to raise funds themselves. The

group has held a number of successful events in the village and raised

thousands of pounds towards the scheme but play areas are expensive

and the SHIRE grant will help meet the cost of providing a safe and

challenging place for children to play.

Residents in Skeffington have long campaigned to reduce the speed of

traffic on the A47 through their village after the council turned down their

request for a 40 mph speed limit. The village have been looking at things

they can do themselves to encourage drivers to slow down. The

proposed entrance “gateways” with enhanced signing came out of the

Village Appraisal and was voted on at a Parish Meeting.

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